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Wining & Dining

We, at Club Les Ormes, feel that it is important that you can enjoy your holiday in the best way possible. For breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner you can depend on our hospitality. Whether you want to enjoy something at the restaurant, at the pool or at you own accommodation, it is all possible.

You can order fresh baked French bread and pastry every day. In the pre- and after season we bring your order to your accommodation. In the peak season you can come and take your order in the restaurant. We are opened early and have the coffee ready for you from 8:30.

Once per week we have our 'Crêperie'. This is our small mobile french pancake bakery and has chaning locations at our park. At the end of the afternoon the kids can enjoy this typical French treat. Drinks are also available. Parents are off course also very welcome.

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We prepare our food with as much biological and regional products as possible. Also the wines we have on our menu come from wine chateaus in the surroundings of Bergerac.



Four evenings per week our restaurant is opened for a nice eveing of wining and dining. Make reservations in advance because full = full.

We serve typical French dishes, honest Italian food, wonderful curry's (specialty of our chef Bervely) and other wonderful dishes. The menu will be communicated at the website and at our information stand. In case of special wishes (like allergies) we would like to be informed upfront. Than we are able to prepare something special for you.

During our dinner evenings we will seat families together. We will always serve the kids first in order to make sure parents are able to support them well enough with making a good start with eating. Next we will serve the parents so they can enjoy their meal, a good glass of wine and the good company of other parents. Kids are by then ready and willing to play with other friends.



Twice a week we serve a simple meal. The starting time is a bit more early which creates the possibility to have a decent meal without making it too late for the kids. One night will be all about Franch bites and we will be happy to make you acqainted with the Frence cuisine. On the very same day we will open up our Crêperie  were the kids (and also the parents) can have a bite of this French speciality. The other evening will be our typical and all time favorite ‘Snackbar Les Ormes’. We have on the menu Dutch snacks like 'frieten', 'frikadels' and 'krokettes'! But a good and healthy salade will also be on the menu.

Lunch menu

Every day the restaurant is opened for lunch. At our lunch menu we offer a variety of small and somewhat larger dishes. We have our lunch special that differs per day. Lunches are being served at the terrace at the restaurant or at the pool. But taking your order out to eat it at your own accommodation is also possible.

At the Pool

At the pool we do not only have clearblue water and a very large terrace. We also have a bar where we serve coffee, tea and fresh baked cookies from opening time. You can order your lunch at the bar which will be served from the kitchen of the restaurant at your sunbed at the poolside. We will have a daily offer of fresh smoothies, shakes and off course many ice cold icecreams. When it is times for small bites, you also do not need to leave the pool. We will serve you a variety of tapa's and ice cold drinks to go with it. 

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It is important that you can enjoy your holiday in the best way possible. For breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner you can depend on our hospitality in the restaurant, at the pool or at you own accommodation.

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More than enough activities to explore! We inform you with pleasure about our favorites. What do you think about: cycling, hiking, horse back riding, canoeing, climbing, tennis and golf. 




In the Middle Ages Aquitaine is the battleground of the French and English. It is in this period that Bastide villages arise, with a characteristic square market in the middle of the town.


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