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Frequently Asked Questions

Club Les Ormes will do everything to make your Holiday wonderful. To avoid unpleasant surprises we have beneath a list of the Frequently Asked Questions. Do you have another question, please to not hesitate to contact us!

Club Les Ormes will do everything to make your Holiday wonderful. To avoid unpleasant surprises we have beneath a list of the Frequently Asked Questions. Do you have another question, please to not hesitate to contact us!

Are dogs allowed?

We do not allow dogs at the park. Also not when they are on a leash.

Are we allowed to place a small tent next to our Lodge?

Off course you are allowed to place a tent for playing purposes next to your Lodge. If you have friends or family visiting you and they want to stay for a few days with their tent, they can stay at our small campsite at the park next to the pool. In the sanitary building are shower and toilet facilities available. For more information about prices, click here.

Is it possible to arrive on a Friday?

Only in the pre and after season it is possible to arrive on other days than Saturdays for Lodges and Sundays for our Luxurious Tents. When you do arrive on a Friday we are happy to advise a hotel nearby. On Saturday mornings you can than enjoy the morning market in the nearby village to get into the holiday mood. From 15:00 you are welcome in your accommodation.

Where can we stay when we arrive on Friday?

In Bergerac are more hotels available: Campanile, Ibis and Kyriad are hotels where you can book a room. For more information, check  In Monpazier is hotel Edward I. In Villeréal is the Hotel de L'Europe in the centre, this is a typical French hotel.

We want to come by plane. Which airport is closest by an with which carrier can we fly?

Transavia flies at Bergerac Airport which is a half an hour drive from Club Les Ormes. You can rent a car at the airport at several car rental companies. Check  for more informarion. This webpage is also
in english.

Is there airconditioning in the Lodges?

We do not have airconditioning in the Lodges.

Can it not get very hot in the Luxurious Tent?

The rooftops of the Tents consists of two layers, which gives an isolation. Before the windows there are three layers: Plastic against rain, wire-netting to keep mosquitos out and a curtain. The plastic and the curtain can be rolled up. When it is warm you only have to role up the curtain (the plastic probably is already up) and let the wind flow through the tent. With the cooler wind in the evening and night, the Tent cooles down at the same speed the temperature outside does.

Are there wire-nets?

In the Luxurious Tents all windows have wire-netting. In the Lodges there is wire-netting in the bedrooms and the kitchen. 

Which hospital is most close by?

The most close by hospital is in Villeneuve-sur-Lot which is a 25 minutes drive from Club Les Ormes. 

What is the size of the beds?

De size of all the beds is 80 x 200m.

Can you rent cycles?

Unfortunately there is no possibility close by to rent cycles. You will have to bring your own. At the park ii is safe for kids to ride, but we do not recommend to let them go outside by themselves. 

Can our parents (or friends) visit us?

We like to welcome your friends and family at our park. We do ask a compensation for the use of our facilities and we have to be informed about who is staying at our park. Please come and sign in your guests. 

Are there many insects?

You have to be aware that you are on a holiday outside in the nature. There are insects to take into account: flies, beetles, bugs, wasps, etc. We advise you to protect yourself by using an anti bug lotion or spray in the evenings. If you have the idea that the amount of bugs, especially wasps, is more than normal we would like to be informed.  

Do you take allergies into account?

When we are informed upfront, we always take allergies into account and try our best to create a delicious meal for you or your family. 

Is the pool heated?

We do not have extra heating in the pool. We refresh water daily and the sun warms up the water. 

Is there Wi-Fi in the Lodges?

There is free Wi-Fi in the restaurant and at the terrace of the resttaurant.

Is there enough shadow around my accommodation?

Depending on where your accommodation is located you will have shades in the mornging, afternoon or evening. When wanted we will add an extra suncreen to your place for extra shade. At the park there are a lot of trees so
there is always a place to find with shade. 

Is there a lake nearby?

At 10 km distance from the park there is a lake called Lougratte where you can swim, play and have a lazy day. Check here for more information.

Where can you go out for fishing?

The tourist information in the village Villereal sells Fispasses and can exactly tell you where you can go fishing. Check here for more information.

Can you give an advice on a stay over half way the route?

 Depending on where you are coming from we an inform you what city is half way and how to book a hotel for a night. 

Do you know another holiday address, just as nice as yours?

That is a difficult question for us! We would like to make some suggestions but also like to hear from you when you have nice sites. Check:,,,,




It is important that you can enjoy your holiday in the best way possible. For breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner you can depend on our hospitality in the restaurant, at the pool or at you own accommodation.

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More than enough activities to explore! We inform you with pleasure about our favorites. What do you think about: cycling, hiking, horse back riding, canoeing, climbing, tennis and golf. 




In the Middle Ages Aquitaine is the battleground of the French and English. It is in this period that Bastide villages arise, with a characteristic square market in the middle of the town.


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