Everything with care and attention

Terms and Conditions:

• The prices of the accommodations listed, are per week. The reservation costs are 35 € per booking. If you have a preference for an accommodation than we can reserve it for you, the preferential costs are an additional 25 €.

• The down payment is 40% of the rental amount and is made within two weeks after the reservation; Only then is the reservation final. The bank account number is SARL Chalets les Ormes 51021133662 IBAN FR76 1780 7008 0251 0211 3366 254, BIC CCBPFRPPTLS. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 4 weeks before arrival.

• There are costs associated with a cancellation. In the case of cancellation more than 6 months before your arrival, we will refund the entire amount, minus the 35€ reservation costs. In the case of cancellation less than 6 months and more than 2 months before your arrival: we will refund 50% of the deposit. In the case of cancellation less than 2 months and more than 1 month before your arrival: the deposit will not be refunded. In the case of cancellation less than 1 month before your arrival: the entire rental amount will be charged. Shortening the stay is seen as a partial cancellation. We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance for yourself.

• When booking, it is indicated how many people will stay in the accommodation. This means that we do not allow more people than specified to stay overnight in the accommodation.

• The municipal tax is 1.90 € per person per day (from the age of 13), of which 0.60 € is tourist tax.

• The deposit is 150 € and it must be paid in cash on arrival. You will of course receive this deposit back when the accommodation is returned in its original condition.

• On the day of arrival, you can enter the accommodation from 4 pm. Naturally you are welcome at our park earlier that day. And you can already use all the facilities.

• On the day of departure, the accommodation must be vacated by 10:00 am. You can leave the key in the door. Needless to say you can stay longer at the park and still enjoy the pool or have lunch.

• Extension of the stay is possible after consultation and if the schedule allows it. Additional nights are calculated based on the weekly rate.

• The accommodations are non-smoking.

• We do not allow pets.

• All accommodations have sufficient space to place a tent for the children to play in, although not to sleep in.

• Children may only be in the pool under the supervision of (one of the) parents.

• The park is accessible to people with disabilities. There is a reserved parking space next to the restaurant. There is an adapted toilet with a sink. At the sanitary building there is a sink to do dishes or laundry for users in wheelchairs. A wheelchair is available. There is a telephone with large keys that can also be used if needed.

• A stay at Club Les Ormes includes access to our Club app. This is a means of communication that we use regularly and we expect our guests to carefully read the contents of this app and to read all incoming messages in a timely manner.

• Our house rules apply when staying at Les Ormes; these can be read in our Club app.

• Visitors to the park are very welcome. Will you come and notify us in advance?! We charge a fee of 7.50 € per visitor per day for the use of the facilities.

• Visitors who want to stay overnight in their own tent, camper or caravan can stay on the tractor field. We reserve the right to refuse tents or caravans. The camping rate is 350 € per week in high season. Rates outside this season are given on request.

• We provide you with a starter package in terms of cleaning products.

• Standard duvets and pillows are available in all accommodations. You can rent separate bed linen for 20 € per bed.

• There are cots for rent for 15 €, including a mattress. A fully made cot including mattress, tarpaulin and mattress cover costs € 10 extra. A baby chair can be rented for 10 €, for use during the entire holiday. A toddler chair can be rented for 15€ ,for use during the entire holiday.

• A towel set is available to rent for 15€ per set (which includes a large and a normal size towel and a washcloth). We also add two beach towels per family. We ask everyone to treat these textiles with respect.

• Club Les Ormes is not liable for loss, theft or damage to tenants’ personal property. We are also not liable for accidents, injuries, damage and the like, caused by the use of the accommodation, swimming pool, playground and other facilities of Club Les Ormes.

• All your personal information is safe with us. We do not pass them on to any third parties and if you do not wish to receive mailings, you can indicate this.

Charme Lodges, Espaces and the Courbes:

• The changeover day is on Saturday; in the pre season and in late summer a change can take place on almost any day of the week.

• A Charme Lodge is suitable for 2 adults and 2 children. The Espace has room for a family with 3/4 children.

• The Courbe is suitable for a family with 4 children.

• The Junior Caravan can be placed at a Lodge if requested. 2 children can sleep in the caravan. The rent is 100 € per week.

• At Charme Lodge 20 there is a forest hut on the terrace where 2 children can sleep.

Luxury Tents:

• The changeover day for the Luxury Tents is on Sunday; in the pre season and in late summer a change can take place on almost any day of the week.

• A Luxury Tent is suitable for 2 adults and 4 children.

Maison Pigeon:

• The changeover day of Maison Pigeon is on Sunday; in the pre season and in late summer a change can take place on almost any day of the week.

• Maison Pigeon is suitable for max 2 adults and 6 children.

• When renting this accommodation, a rental agreement is drawn up. This can be sent in advance on request.